Labelling Lives
“Of all the common sexual identity groups, bisexual people most frequently have mental health problems… This has been linked to experiences of biphobia and bisexual invisibility.” The Bisexuality Report: bisexual inclusion in LGBT equality and diversity (The Open University 2012)

Labelling lives was inspired by the discovery of the higher insidence of mental health problems in the bisexual community. This topic is close to Rosemary's heart as she identifies as bisexual and has suffered with a Generalised Anxiety Disorder on and off for many years. 

Labelling Lives was commisioned by Hoot Creative Arts as a part of the GoingSane? project 2015/16.

Choregographer - Rosemary Spencer
Dancer - Alexandra Doe
Film Maker - Marcus Lee


GoingSane? exhibition @ Byram Arcade, Huddersfield. April 2016