Moving Landscapes

Moving Landscapes is an annual 5day dance intensive in the North of England. The course is led by Rosemary Spencer and Sophie Alder and was set up by them in 2013.

It encorporates daily Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) classes with improvisation. It uses SRT as a starting point, promoting improved alignment, effortless movement and greater awareness. The imagery and ideas are then taken into two contrasting environments; the secluded forest of Timble and vast, rocky landscape of Brimham Rocks. Inside and outside are integrated, allowing new perception and creativity to emerge.

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"Very rich and stimulating. I liked the variety of input and challenges. A very full and rewarding week." Participant, 2017

"Very competent teaching, super clear in language and in the body." Particpant 2016
"An opportunity to let go, re-connect with the body, mind and natural earth all whilst dancing and sharing oneself with wonderful artists, dancers and lovely, positive open minded people." Particpant 2015
“Wonderful. Really lovely to take moving into the outside and bringing it back into the studio. Felt a really Strong connection with nature this week and has helped with feeding into the stillness and quiet.” Particpant 2014
“A fantastic experience.  Excellanet teachers... very accessible, inspiring introduction to the technique.  The best course I have ever experienced by far!!!  I will take all I have learnt back into my practice and continue experiencing the work.” Particpant 2013