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Alongside being involved in the running of various collaborative projects, Rosemary also works independently. Rosemary teaches,choreographs and performs.
Rosemary's approach to performance and choreography is deeply rooted in her Skinner Releasing Technique practice and her passion for languages.
Paperwork is a collaboration between Rosemary Spencer and Kerri Butterworth, designed to explore the topic of Mental Health and Wellbeing through a combination of Visual Art and Dance. Using paper as a primary resource for all their activities, they create a diverse range of outputs. Paperwork perform interactive live art installations, run durational projects and deliver one off workshops.
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Leeds Creative Contemporary Dance (LCCD) is run by Rosemary Spencer and Kim Glassby. LCCD runs intergenerational dance sessions for adults of all ages and levels of experience. All of LCCDs sessions centre around creativity and dancing from a diverse range of stimuli, including poetry, music, voice, objects, drawing and many more. Improvisation and play are key elements to LCCD's work. 
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Skinner Releasing Network is an organisation which exists to connect the International community of Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) teachers. It organises networking events for its members and runs a website which serves as a resource on SRT and for teachers to advertise workshops. 
Rosemary has been on the Management commitee since its conception in 2012; currently holding the post of treasurer and website editor.
SRN Website
Skinner Releasing Technique Leeds is run by Rosemary Spencer and Sophie Alder. Rosemary and Sophie are the only SRT teachers in the north of England and are passionate about bringing SRT to Leeds and the surrounding area.
SRT Leeds run a combination of weekly sessions, weekend workshops and week long intensives throughout the year. 
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